Assassin droid kotor

Assassin android

When the Aureillan Military required an individual to be eliminated, they deployed an assassin droid to execute their will. These droids generally performed with unflinching loyalty to their masters. Since their missions generally required a far higher degree of independent skill, savvy, and judgment than normally possessed by simple war droids, their programming subroutines, circuitry, and memory cores were of correspondingly higher sophistication and quality.

Equipped with an array of weapons, assassin droids were also used as elite infantry when the need arose for skillful and quickly adaptable soldiers with unquestionable loyalty.

There were two kinds of assassin andriods, one's with human-like shape to fight soilders and flying assassin androids that kill on the sly.

Flying Assassin DroidEdit

It could wield a number of weapons, including a flamethrower, harpoon, sniper blaster, gas dispenser, and various drills and cutters. The androids were capable of emitting disruptive energy beams, which allowed it to bypass security screens. Other implements, like spy sensors, could also be attached to the droid's modular frontal tool chuck. Powering the droids was a fusion reactor, which required a power converter array to mediate the energy flux. This converter array could also double as a self-defensive electroshock device.


Flying assassin droids

These andriod were used in extremely high amounts by the aureillan military to pick off Senators and kill soliders