Aureilla's Army on Naboo

Aureillan technological and military include all kinds of unit and creatures. Its has a grand army that is used to take the place that will be there HQ. they then have separate armies that take on other forces. there units include

Non-organic ForcesEdit

Organic forcesEdit

There was Also The combat Program and the Combat Scientist. these people designed and made armor and tactics that were effective in war and war.

Star fleet and Space ForceEdit

Theses were the forces that handled orbital takeover.

  • Command Center
  • ALT55 star Fighter
  • ALT65 Star Fight
  • Lucassian-class battleship
  • Lucassian-class core ship
  • Lucassian-class cruiser
  • Lucassian-class destroyer
  • Lucassian-class Droid Control Ship
  • Pravo-class carrier/destroyer
  • Aureillan Cruiser
  • Aureillan heavy munitions cruiser
  • Aureillan Missile Frigate