Yu Yan Archer

Aureillan Tracker

trackers are trained for hunting {tracking} and infiltrating only they follow thier orders like soilders without Questio.

they are fast and swift and deadly in big or smal groups they are also smart and not easy to fool they are espically trained with weapons but hardly use them they are also very agile posses the ability to jump high and land safely however they dont appear very strong as you could kill them with very little effort their greatest strength is agility and tracking they are ussaly in the shadows and dont appear to have names if they would attack they would be better with long range they can also track thier target without technical asistence it is possible like soilders they have special sight and much like dogs they have sensitive noses much like dog. They travel on eckthesians. There primary weapons are bows and arrows. Like all aureillan they wore fake skin, they were commonly used by the aureillan forces.