Camouflage Beasts are humanoid creatures that are a mix between Aye Ayes from Madagascar and mordern house hold cats.

Biology Edit

So strange looking is this animal that native mythology holds it to be a symbol of death. The camouflage abilities that it is given do not exist in mammals (so far) but is similar to the skin colour control that cuttlefish exhibit.The camobeast is shown to be eating candy bars and possibly dead humans so it is probably a omnivore.

Origin Edit

At a testing facility in germany cats and aye ayes were being used as subjects.An a test run they mixed aye ayes with cats and add genesis.Since neither of the species were endangered they became a new type of beast with camouflage ablities.using these abilities to fool the scientists and escape.They are not natural animals and they're abilities are not natural.

Habitat Edit

The camobeast lives in the Cretaceous Forest and in parts of southwest india.

Diet Edit

The camobeast is a omnivore and will eat anything.

Predators Edit

The camobeast has no natural predators and due to the camobeast's camouflage abilities its not hunted.