Humans are the most widespread creatures on Earth, due to their superior intelligence. They are also the only animals to volountarily clothe themselves. Their success is partly down to the fact that they adapt their environment to suit them, rather than vice versa

History Edit

Humanity's origin is in primitive apes, evolving into gradually more taller and intelligent creatures, such as Australopithecus in the Pliocene epoch.Later on in the Pliocene epoch, the Australopithecus evolved into the Homo genus, with Homo Sapiens first appearing in the Pleistocene epoch. Eventually, every other Homo species died out, Humanity survived due to their migration and adaptation.In recent millenia, as the centuries have gone by, humanity advanced faster than ever before. With scientific breakthroughs and new technologies arising during the Medieval period and beyond.

Future Edit

In the future humans left earth before there complete destruction.New more advance animals made by Genesis 7 overwhelmed humans and put humanity in ruins.