TA-175 LoRcommentary

Tactical Droid

This model was more intelligent than standard androids and was deployed to command aureillan troops living or robotic. They had advanced combat-analysis software and were very intelligent.

Their bodies were approximately 1.93 meters. Tactical droids were observed to be impatient and demanding. They believed themselves superior to other androids, as evidenced by their poor treatment and insults to their troops . They often issued conflicting orders due to their sense of superiority.When pushed, tactical droids would even order the destruction of their own allies if they got in the way. These droids were in charge of entire fleets and land forces.

Tactical droids were not as homogeneous as other android models. The personalities and voices between units had slight variation, making no two units identical. Tactical droids also bore colorful paint schemes, each of which was unique as well. Whether the particular paint schemes bore no significance such as rank, type designation, or unit affiliation, only to distinguish them. They were used very commonly by the Aureillan military